Participation in exhibitions. Diplomas and awards of the company:

APRIL 2002     the X-th International specialized exhibition "PAK UKRAINA - 2002" Kiev
OCTOBER 2005     the XVIII-th Specialized fair exhibition of food industry products "Foodstuffs of Ukraine' 2005"2005"
Participant diploma
TM "ZOTOV" was given the rank "The best manufacturer of the year"
Degustation contest, held at the fair exhibition "Foodstuffs of Ukraine 2005"
"Golden star for quality" to Desserts honeyed,
"Golden star for quality" to Confectionery paste, classic,
"Golden star for quality" to Confectionary paste, milky,
February 2006   
  • On February, 13 - 17, 2006 TM "Zotov" took part in the International degustation competition "The Best product - 2006 " at 18th International exhibition of articles of food and raw materials for their manufacture, "Prod-ekspo 2006" (the International Exhibition Center "Expocentre", Moscow).
    Production of Trade mark ZOTOV has won following prizes at this degustation competition:
    • A bronze medal for natural honey and honey dessert TM "Zotov"

    • The diploma of the winner for the confectionary paste TM "ZOTOV"(in assortment)